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Property Management and Sales

There’s many reasons to choose Sungrass to handle your property

We have a formula for results,

At Sungrass we believe that our sales formula will not only guarantee you the best outcome, but we will do so in the fastest time possible.

We’re Onsite experts.

We know the site better than anyone and we generally only rent and sell in our own complexes, which means you are our only sales priority!

We know the Renters and buyers

We already know a lot of renters and buyers who have expressed an interest in properties just like yours and that means a potentially quick and easy sale.

We’re available

Renters and Buyers can come and meet with us, at a time that works best for them – remember, we are onsite.

We’re always working behind the scenes.

In the background are the talented Sungrass service team providing your front-line sales team with everything that they need to sell your home, for the best price in the shortest timeframe!

We know our method works.

We have been testing and tweaking our formula for a long time now, we know it works.

It’s the details that count.

Despite what some say, the small stuff, the little details really matter. We understand that and know what details can make your sale a smooth one.

Easy to deal with.

Chances are you already know how easy we are to deal with and to get in touch with. Your buyers are going to experience the same attention, so you know we will call them back and service them like no other agent can!

Offer you certainty.

Your decisions are made easier with data. The more information you have available, the easier it is to make. Which is why we don’t believe in just one snippet of feedback or one offer, we believe in getting you as much or as many as possible. Then you can decide.